Welcome to Dagga’s little slice of the internet. Within these pages you will be able to see into the life of a furry, check out his art or order some of your own, watch his YouTube videos, and generally get a taste of what it is to be a hazy dog!

The question echoed across the internet: “What is a Furry?” For a lot of people they have no idea what a furry is. Some others know what it could be – “Just… cartoon animals, right?” And even more know furries as those weird people that dress up in animal costumes and are sometimes just a little too sexual in a public setting. Unfortunately, as with most fandoms, there are a lot of stigmas that tail (#seewhatididthere) this particular fandom – and my hopes in writing my blog is to dispel as many of those stigmas as I possibly can. Through my writing, my gaming videos, and my vlogs, I hope to shine a light on the fandom, and what it is to be a furry, in a way that really shows people just how normal furries can actually be!

I’ve taken the leap into blogging a handful of times over the last few years, but they were never blogs that I truly felt showed my voice the way I wanted. So why not just write about something that I enjoy? Something that has been a very integral part of my life for the better part of ten years? I want to talk about what it means to ‘be a furry’. I want to talk to all of YOU about my antics within the fandom, my super amazing friendships that I’ve built over the years, and the overall fun and incredibly accepting atmosphere of the fandom itself.

I’ve considered myself a furry for about ten years now, and I’ve been writing for about double that time. Moving around has been a huge part of my life for the last six years – I left behind Baltimore, Maryland and have moved around in various locations of New England since then, recently finding myself settled in upstate New York for… however long I’ll be here. Gaming, art, and spirituality have been my go-to’s as solutions to boredom for as long as I can remember. So buckle up and get ready for a pretty crazy ride through my crazy life.

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