Dog Days #2 – Winds of Change

Change can be scary sometimes. In fact, it can be scary all the time. Even if it’s a good change there’s a chance that part of you will be a little apprehensive at first. I know that before my wife and I started our 1000 mile journey to Florida I was freaking out. I didn’t know if it would actually happen, I didn’t know if it would be good, I didn’t know if it would actually come through as more than just an idea. I was terrified. Every time I thought about being in the car for that long I was worried that we would be at each other’s throats for the majority of the trip. There were a few times we got angry with each other, but hey we are married and that happens.
My fear seemed to subside every mile that we went along route 95. Every time I noticed the weather getting a little hotter, every time I saw new trees or stranger birds I wasn’t used to seeing my feelings got a little lighter. I felt… cleansed the further away we got from all of the stress of our life before.
We have been here for almost a week now and I feel better than I have in a long time. Part of it is due to the medication that I’ve actually been able to keep taking regularly. And part of it is due to literally having a whole new life. A new start. A big change. One that was needed for me, for my wife, and for the both of us. The last few days have felt amazing. I have been consistently happy. Even during my job search, which is always stressful no matter who you are, I’ve been able to keep my chin up and keep on going.
The family that I have down here was the part of my family that was a little less… thrilled about my transition. I was scared that I was going to be mis-gendered and that the one family member who had actually disowned me at one point would continue her ways. But that hasn’t happened. It’s as if all of the mis-gendering and confusion and ill thoughts about my transition have evaporated and never happened. I feel comfortable around this side of my family. It’s the crazy side so I was expecting it be crazy, to not be able to handle spending a lot of time with them. But it’s been great. I’m getting along with everyone, the family member who had disowned me has opened her arms and her heart once again.
The only thing I haven’t found yet are fellow furries in the area that I can hang out with and get together with for art jams. I’m still looking, though. Here’s to hoping I’ll eventually find some fuzzies with whom to grow new friendships.
I could go on and on about how happy I’ve been this past week but that would take forever. It would probably get boring, too, and the purpose of this blog isn’t to bore, it’s to inform.
I’m looking forward to today. I haven’t been able to look forward to a day in a long time. Change is scary, but sometimes it’s needed, and it’s always good.
For a little update as far as my posting goes: I will get back on normal schedule once everything is settled a tad more. Moving more than 1000 miles takes a lot out of you. As always, thank you for reading. I love all of you.

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